#SaturdaySchool: The Black Towns Project – Week 3 of 3

June 1, 2012

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This is a big week for The Black Towns Project. On this week’s #SaturdaySchool we premier the official website for The Black Towns project. The website is a work-in-progress, and is will be continuously updated to improve functionality and provide new content for the current list of towns in the Black Town Index.

The Black Towns Project website is an effort to preserve and promote the continued study of these crucial, and sometimes forgotten, stories from America’s past. Please browse the Black Towns Index (categorized by state and town) and explore the history of these important town building efforts. The project will continue to add information and town histories, and invites those who do not see a town on the list to submit it through the Submit a Black Town page. If you would like to moderate a black town page, please visit our Moderate a Black Town’s Page to sign-up.

Be sure to follow The Black Towns Project on Twitter and Facebook.

#SaturdaySchool: The Black Towns Project – Week 3 of 3

Each week @ProfRagsdale gathers loyal followers around the twitter hearth to spread knowledge, build community, and create change. (May 26, 2012)

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Catch up on last week’s #SaturdaySchool Black Towns – Week 2 of 3 http://bit.ly/Jf7fhj #BlackTownsRhonda Ragsdale
2day’s #SaturdaySchool will be part 3 of a discussion of historically #blacktowns n the US & special announcementRhonda Ragsdale
Some know about importance of HBCUs but the role of historically #blacktowns needs more attention #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
I’m getting smarter than you! @profragsdale’s #SaturdaySchool in my #Twitter timeline and @MHarrisPerry’s #nerdland on my teevee! #followReynaldo Macias
There have been #blacktowns n every era of US history & they formed a social movement after the Civil War #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
#SaturdaySchool with @profragsdale about #blacktowns happening nowGena PhilibertOrtega
Community-building is often overlooked method of resistance but it’s essential 2 resource mobilization #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
#blacktowns utilized community-building & migration as nonviolent resistance 2 racist conditions n the US #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
#blacktowns spanned this country from coast 2 coast, NY to CA & even Alaska ! #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
RT @profragsdale: #blacktowns spanned this country from coast 2 coast, NY to CA & even Alaska ! #SaturdaySchool // So glad ur teaching this!Gene Anderson
However, if you’re looking for something smart in your feed, do follow @profragsdale & her weekly #SaturdaySchool tweet-lectures.Arturo R. Garcia
Over 100 #blacktowns were founded n US from 1870 – 1910 & this era was a blacktowns social movement #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Founders of #blacktowns had variety of visions 4 towns, some agricultural & others commercial/industrial #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
As NAACP nationalized strategies #blacktowns slowly became less popular & desegregation took stronger role #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
2 avoid racism #blacktowns networked w each other thru bznes, social events, clubs, schools, & churches #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Oklahoma & Indian Territories were home 2 the most #blacktowns of any state #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
There was a movement n Oklahoma 2 make it an "all-black" state #blacktowns #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
#Blacktowns in Oklahoma —>>> http://www.hannibalbjohnson.com/the-all-black-towns-in-oklahoma/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Book Rec: Acres of Aspiration: The All-Black Towns in Oklahoma http://www.amazon.com/dp/0978915038/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_cTpWpb1YP790A #SaturdaySchool #blacktownsRhonda Ragsdale
Edward McCabe wanted 2 b governor of 1st black state in US http://digital.library.okstate.edu/encyclopedia/entries/M/MC006.html #SaturdaySchool #blacktownsRhonda Ragsdale
#blacktowns of Oklahoma, more info —>> http://digital.library.okstate.edu/encyclopedia/entries/A/AL009.html #SaturdaySchool #blacktownsRhonda Ragsdale
My PhD project is a study of #blacktowns n US from 1700s-1900s but the dissertation is only small part of that #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
More important 2 me than dissertation is another part of this #blacktowns project which is a preservation effort #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
After a decade of studying #blacktowns Im finally making public a website Ive been working on 2 share resources #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
DRUMROLL …. #blacktowns #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
I’m so excited 2 share this website! I wanted 2 ‘finish’ it but I know now it will never be finished, it’s a work n progress #blacktownsRhonda Ragsdale
The Black Towns Project ——>>>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ #blacktowns #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
The #BlackTowns Project http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ is a work in progress & still under construction #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
I will be adding a LOT more resources to The#BlackTowns Project over next year but here’s a start! http://www.blacktownsproject.org/Rhonda Ragsdale
The #BlackTowns Project does not list black communities that were not independent towns at this point-maybe later #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@spencerdwood I’m hoping 2 get ur input on The Black Towns Project –>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ #SaturdaySchool #blacktownsRhonda Ragsdale
The Black Towns Project can b a space 2 collect images, network w others, find resources –>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ #blacktownsRhonda Ragsdale
Next 2 raising my children this is my life’s most important project so far —>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ The Black Towns ProjectRhonda Ragsdale
Needed! Interns & Volunteers — The Black Towns Project http://www.blacktownsproject.org/interns-volunteers/ #blacktowns #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
More 2 Come! Scholarly Articles — The #BlackTowns Project http://www.blacktownsproject.org/other-resources/suggested-readings/scholarly-articles/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale love the idea and the initial layout of the site. I had a couple of historic preservation efforts, esp in TX, to share…excitngspencer d wood
Unpublished Manuscripts — The #BlackTowns Project http://www.blacktownsproject.org/other-resources/suggested-readings/unpublished-manuscripts/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
More info coming soon ! #BlackTowns Index —>>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/black-towns/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@spencerdwood Great — I have been so excited 2 share this with you! #blacktowns #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
The #blacktowns discussion will continue at #BlackTowns Project website or tweet me anytime about it! #SaturdaySchool http://www.blacktownsproject.org/Rhonda Ragsdale
Black Towns FB Page —>> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Town-Movement/171034646641 It’s just a baby – but we r working on it!Rhonda Ragsdale
The #BlackTowns Project Website is a HUGE undertaking & needs lots of support —>>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Are you following @ProfRagsdale’s @BlackTowns Project? You should be! #SaturdaySchoolJaime Rafael Puente
@profragsdale I was looking for the list of #blacktowns on the website. Did I not look in the right area?Michael Akin
@history_man1 They are listed by state under the "black towns" tab http://www.blacktownsproject.org/black-towns/Rhonda Ragsdale
#BlackTowns in Oklahoma — Here’s my list so far —>>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/black-towns/oklahoma/Rhonda Ragsdale
“@profragsdale: #BlackTowns in Oklahoma — Here’s my list so far —>>> http://www.blacktownsproject.org/black-towns/oklahoma/” Important work!spencer d wood
@spencerdwood I have bibliographies 4 every 1 of the towns on the site & I’m adding them as soon I can :)Rhonda Ragsdale
@genaortega @profragsdale Good! Zora N. Hurston’s "Their Eyes Were Watching God" takes place partly in a town like this. #BlackTownsMariann S. Regan
@MariannSRegan @genaortega There’s a long & rich tradition of #blacktowns & literature – it’s great!Rhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale Agreed. Also, for the Black Towns Project, looking into the Mississippi Delta would be a treasuretrove of resources, I’m sureCurt Dumal
@profragsdale In fact, Mound Bayou, MS is apparently the first black incorporated town in the United States. Hooray! MS History!Curt Dumal
@TheImaginaryCSD they almost all say that-the 1st incorporated town I know of was Brooklyn, Illinois – but Mound Bayou is very interestingRhonda Ragsdale
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@profragsdale #SaturdaySchool is good stuff! Thanks!Kevin Gooding
Treat yourself to @profragsdale’s #SaturdaySchool!Kevin Gooding
@Ministorian Thank u !!Rhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale that’s a life-long project. Congratulations to you for actually building something. So few of us do. It looks great.tressie mc
@tressiemcphd Thank u so much — u r right — this is the project that will consume much of my career 🙂 http://www.blacktownsproject.org/Rhonda Ragsdale
RT @profragsdale: I’ll be adding a LOT more resources to The#BlackTowns Project over next year but here’s a start! http://is.gd/UPuonmCSAS
@UNCSouth Thank u 4 the RT – I’m so excited about this website & what it can b 4 the history of #blacktowns http://www.blacktownsproject.org/Rhonda Ragsdale
@jaime_rafael Thank u so much 4 your help & support with the #BlackTowns Project ! http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
It’s a pleasure! RT @profragsdale: Thank u so much 4 your help & support with the #BlackTowns Project ! http://www.blacktownsproject.org/ #SaturdaySchoolJaime Rafael Puente
@cherishmuse Thank u 4 the #blacktowns RTs ! #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
RT @BlackTowns: The Black Towns Project website is open to the public!! Visit http://BlackTownsProject.org for the working list of America’s Historic Black Towns!Rhonda Ragsdale
@UNCSouth Thank you for the follow!! (cc: @profragsdale)Black Towns Project
Previous #SaturdaySchool discussions r posted on Funk & Beans –>> http://funknbeans.com/category/funkademics/saturdayschool/ @funkandbeansRhonda Ragsdale
Next week’s #SaturdaySchool will be cohosted @jaime_rafael of @funkandbeans Topic: La Raza Unida Party & The Latin@ ElectorateRhonda Ragsdale
The #SaturdaySchool on #LRUP & the Latin@ electorate is timed for the LRUP reunion AND the TX Dem Convention. @profragsdale @funkandbeansJaime Rafael Puente
@jaime_rafael I’m excited about this #SaturdaySchool discussion on the Latin@ electorate next week! @funkandbeansRhonda Ragsdale

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