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k on a chip. you from the world s territory to two successive break trail king, they thought invincible Ji Ning. Big bro.ther is not to say that you, in the vast territory, and never have to be careful, so blindly arrogant, so very easy to get killed. Days a monarch is really anxious. His brother how crazy Big Brother. Ji Ning is not 11i much excuse, and then I move. Ah A day watching Ji Ning Jun, then nodded and said, or you shot even though I d like to see you in the end how strong. call. Ji Ning in place suddenly disappear. A fairly calm day before the king, can follow the face changed. Call out. Call. Call. Call. Call. Call. Finger ying a road show from all directions, a direct Oracle Certification stab days Jun, almost every ying mess. Good fast, too fast, this, this. day one monarch 11i it exam hands instantly turned into two water. Two water twine around each other, around the day a monarch completely sheltered up, trying to resist every ying Ji Ning. Even so, the days of a monarch were a little confused, he just suffered some attacks, those who are rippling up the water, which makes the side

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1Z0-218 PeopleSoft HRMS Fundamentals Oracle 11i
1Z1-218 PeopleSoft HRMS Fundamentals Oracle 11i

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