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lly fully recovered, leaving a layer of pale scars, meteor tears restore strong injury of this is the Cisco Certification Qin Yu strongest Yiping. I saw.the Qin Yu, the people who have moved. Blur, shadow boxing, leg Movies, Jianying Long shadow over the place, one by one green fire wolf crying with the ground, or die, or tumbling crying, 108 column completely around the body, Qin Yu speed combined with the agility, already reached a frightening level, Shazhao ease, or finger tap, or random Yan Chi sword a stroke, all the CCIE Service Provider it exam lore. Aoao wailing blue fire wolf collar howl even more rapid. CCIE Service Provider Hundreds of green fire wolves annually, one after another crazy bite, companion s death, fellow blood will only make them even more crazy, risking their lives, these green fire wolf just to give Qin Yu body, leaving a channel scar, Yan Chi Quan sets, Yan Chi sword all use, Qin Yu burst strongest attack. Puchi A green fire wolf claws cracked abdominal Qin Yu, blood suddenly rushing stream. puff A ying flashed bird blue fire wolf Langtou fall. Turned green fire wolf inherent limits of the attack and that the green fire wolf collar are almost

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider

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