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om east to west, white flashes, Weaponry Wei Zhong Lama who are with small adjective is surprised, said. they brought Weaponry, does. Could it be. watching Shing Shing nodded slowly and said Sh.i Zhi conjecture is true. Wei Xiaobao turned north, the east looked, each side has hundreds of monks, then add fine watch, but see some Lama threw a deep yellow robe, naturally, a team leader of the team Wei Xiaobao said. He At least four or five thousand. Cheng channel one hundred twenty five leader, a total of three thousand two hundred and eight ten Lama. Wei Xiaobao praise Good for you, count them so clearly. Cheng channel how to do that Wei Xiaobao speechless A. met face to face difficult, lie lie, disappear, naturally champions, now the other three thousand Yuzhong mobilization, siege round, all apparently careful planning, how to deal with, it can be the slightest idea is CCNA Cloud it exam not, listen Chengtong so ask, asked how do Cheng channel Look at the other meaning, naturally want to spoil the line crazy master, probably have to wait until the evening, the Quartet encirclement attack. Wei Xiaobao What does it holds many lessons not Cisco Certification to attack CCNA Cloud Cheng channel Wutai, yellow Lama Temple and we Zhongyuan Green Temple of Buddhism and always good. Green Temple monk you more and more, the top ten Temple Taiwan, Taiwan s top ten outside the temple. Huang Temple Lama despite overbearing, but did not dare bully. If the next day the attack, is bound to cause each Green Temple solidarity.

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210-451 Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals Cisco CCNA Cloud
210-455 Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration Cisco CCNA Cloud

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