Kali Ahset Amen of WRFG, Atlanta, Georgia’s Pacifica Radio station, recently interviewed Professor Ragsdale for the midday news show “The Progressive News Hour.” The interview focused on The Black Towns Project and Professor Ragsdale’s work to document the  Black Towns of the United States. The interview is available for listening below. To hear Kali Ahset’s […]

Lee and Mary Tatum Gravesite - Tatums, Oklahoma

Reposted from FunkNBeans.com: The historically black towns of the U.S. have much to tell us about community-building and migration as resistance and empowerment. This week’s #SaturdaySchool began a series of discussions on #blacktowns which will continue over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more! Some Black Towns resources: Sandy Ground Historical Museum Fort Mose […]

REPOSTED FROM FUNKNBEANS.com: A few scholars such a Nell Painter, Kenneth Hamilton, and Norman Crockett have examined the historically black towns that were established after the Civil War and Reconstruction. Many historians have viewed these communities as failed experiments or insignificant in the larger picture of African American migration or U.S. history in general. However, […]