Historical Films: A list about the All-Black Towns

No study is complete without a list of films from the era.


  1. 1919- The Green-Eyed Monster – – – first made with an all-white cast in 1916
  2. 1921- The Crimson Skull – filmed in Boley, OK – starring Bill Pickett the hero fighting against “the Skull” and his band of outlaws
  3. 1923- The Bulldogger – OK – Bill Pickett shows his skills as a bulldogger
  4. 1926- The Flying Ace
  5. 1927- The Millionaire – Sound version of Oscar Micheaux film
  6. 1928- Black Gold – Tatums, OK – “Told the told the story of the mad rush for oil in Oklahoma. The plot depicts a rancher who stakes everything he owns on a well
    and then is destroyed when the town banker conspires against him”
  7. 1931- The Exile –
  8. 1932- The Girl From Chicago